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About United Traditional Tae Kwon-Do Canada
We believe that UTTC exists to serve its member schools. We work hard to gain the trust of our members and then continue to work hard to keep it.

Our strength is in technique, and that is our focus. We are not interested in who has the most members, or schools, or titles. We understand that Tae Kwon-Do is first and foremost a martial art, not a sport. We strive to have the highest technical standards and the best trained instructors.

We offer solid and consistent leadership. The Executive board of UTTC is carefully selected and made up of dedicated and experienced Tae Kwon-Do masters and instructors who have worked together successfully for years. UTTC follows a business model, with long-range goals, stable leadership, and a focus on customer service. Member schools find security in knowing that the people they trust as leaders will be there in the future. 

We welcome applications from any schools within Canada: large or small. All applications are individually processed and reviewed by our Executive representatives to assess suitability with our organization's goals and standards. In most cases schools will be welcomed to join for a probationary period to provide an opportunity for both parties to explore long-term possibilities. 

Member School Benefits
Professional development for Instructors: The backbone of any martial arts school is quality instruction. We work with instructors of small and large schools to increase their knowledge of the fundamentals and advanced techniques of Tae Kwon-Do. We assist in honing their own teaching skills so they can effectively and efficiently train their own students. 

Business support and programs for school growth: With many years of running our own successful Tae Kwon-Do schools, we have a wealth of proven ideas and connections to special programs and pricing from management software experts, liability insurance providers, and wholesale branded merchandise. Regardless of the size of your school, we can help you to reach your business goals.

High Standards and National Certification: To establish and maintain high standards across the organization, all member schools follow an established core curriculum for every belt level. Schools are also allowed the freedom to implement their own optional components to enhance and individualize their students' learning. We provide quality professionally designed 5" X 7" belt certification for all color belt levels, and 11" X 14" Black Belt Certificates with gold leafing, issued straight from our headquarters, and entered in our national registry. Instructors follow a certification process which eventually results in the ability to test their own students upon issuance of a permanent Instructor's Certificate, and completion of an Examiner's approval process. ​
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